1stUp.com, AT&T Canada Extend National Internet Access

CMGI Inc.’s 1stUp.com will extend its free
ad-supported Internet access network in Canada through a partnership with AT&T Canada.

1stUp.com powers ad-supported free access offerings, including AltaVista FreeAccess and FreeWorld by [email protected] AT&T Canada’s network has added

a new pool of Internet dial-up numbers in Canada that are available to
1stUp.com-affiliated users.

1stUp.coms relationship with AT&T Canada increases the reach of its ISP

presence to coverage in Canada, and confirms that the free-access trend
is spreading, according to Charles Katz, president and chief executive
officer of 1stUp.com.

“This agreement will allow 1stUp.com, through their relationship with
AltaVista, to leverage our high-quality Internet access and transport
networks across Canada,” said Ron Close, president, AT&T Canada Internet

and E-Business Services.

AT&T Canada’s fiber-optic local and long haul networks span more than
15,000 kilometers across Canada. This agreement will give 1stUp.com
access to local dial-up connections from nearly all Canadian centers at
speeds of up to 56 Kpbs (V.90), as well as dial-up ISDN, with
fiber-optic T3 and T1 lines connected by ATM switching and high-speed
routing equipment.

With 1stUp.com, users keep a small, sponsored navigation bar on their
screen for the duration of their online sessions, in exchange for free Internet access.

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