64-Bit ProLiant Server to Contain Itanium Processor

Compaq Computer Corp. Monday announced the soon-to-be-released
ProLiant DL590/64, its first 64-bit industry-standard server
incorporating the Intel Itanium processor.

ProLiant DL590/64 servers will be available worldwide later this

Monday’s announcement is not only the first step in Compaq’s recently
announced 64-bit enterprise computing initiative, but also a step
forward in the company’s strategy for driving industry standards into the
enterprise on its ProLiant server platform, according to the company.

As one of the first industry-standard 64-bit platforms, the ProLiant
server expands the opportunity for Linux application development
beyond 32-bit to include 64-bit architectures.

“Today Compaq is demonstrating its unique commitment to defining and leading the evolution of industry-standard enterprise
computing with our hallmark innovation and relentless focus on customer needs,” said Mary McDowell, senior vice president and
general manager, Compaq Industry Standard Server Group.

“Just as Compaq defined new standards and led the industry in 32-bit computing with ProLiant servers, we are now leading the
way to 64-bit computing with an industry-standard architecture on the ProLiant server,” McDowell added.

The Compaq ProLiant DL590/64 expands Compaq’s enterprise product portfolio, as it provides the first industry
standards-based 64-bit server for enterprises that require substantial memory capacity and high floating-point processing. The
new ProLiant model supports up to four Intel Itanium-based processors and up to 64 GB of standard ECC SDRAM memory in
a 7U-form factor.

Built around the Intel 82460GX chipset, the DL590/64 incorporates various Compaq management utilities, such as Compaq
Insight Manager, power supply utility, and array controller utility.

Compaq also announced Monday that several new ISVs are porting their applications to IA-64, and additional customers are
beta testing Itanium solutions in the program. Compaq believes the new family of Itanium-based ProLiant servers will be a critical
platform for accelerating the porting of Compaq Tru64 Unix, OpenVMS, and NonStop Kernel environments to Itanium, as
announced by the vendor late last month.

Monday’s announcement builds on Compaq’s May announcement of the TrailBlazer program. The TrailBlazer program is the
vendor’s proof of its commitment to accelerate the early adoption of 64-bit industry-standard computing.

Amy Newman is managing editor of InternetNews.com sister site, ServerWatch.

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