Activating the Church

Seattle Webcasting company Activate has announced that they will provide audio and video Internet streaminglive and archived – to, the online network aimed at one of the Net’s largest definable user groups — 87 million worldwide.

“ is tapping into Activate’s great strength: helping people who have a message to reach their audience. In this case, wants to reach a very large, very global audience — whenever and wherever that audience is ready to hear it,” says Stew Chapin, Activate senior vice president of marketing.

Activate will allow customers to easily FTP content to Activate where it will be streamed from the Activate Broadcast Network.

“Video and audio streaming is the next wave of Internet innovations,” says Craig Pepple, vice president of technology. “Working with Activate is part of’s commitment to keep its members at the forefront of new ways to use media to further community.”

Webcasting is a vital Internet option for the global Christian community, which annually spends $3.6 billion a year in retail for videos, tapes, CDs, DVDs, and other products and services.

“Activate is excited to work with to blend fresh technology with timeless content,” says Chapin. “, using Activate’s services, will be able to connect to their community with more impact.”

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