Adobe Unveils Premiere 6.0

Adobe Systems Incorporated Monday announced a new version of Adobe Premiere, which allows professionals to quickly and easily edit digital video on a desktop and publish it to the Web in multiple formats including RealNetworks RealMedia, Microsoft WindowsMedia, and Apple QuickTime.

Adobe Premiere 6.0 adds major enhancements to the digital video editing process — from capturing video to editing to final project export. It offers built-in, cross-platform support for a large selection of DV devices, an enhanced user interface, new professional editing tools and integration with other Adobe applications including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe GoLive.

“Adobe Premiere 6.0 improves the video editing workflow substantially, making it easier to take projects from point A to point Z,” said Stuart Gold, owner of Shadow and Light Productions, which specializes in forensic animation, multimedia video and computer animation. “In my work, I need something dependable that will let me assemble content quickly and accurately and export it to the format I choose. Adobe Premiere does just that.”

“With this latest version of Adobe Premiere, Adobe continues to address the critical issues of the professional development community with a powerful professional tool that supports the new web-enhanced video production workflow,” said Wanda Meloni of M2 Research. “As the market leader with a strong installed base on both Windows and Macintosh, Adobe has shown that they are working closely with developers to ensure Premiere remains feature-rich for professional development.”

Adobe Premiere 6.0 features one-step export to all leading Web video formats and innovative tools, including Web markers, which allow users to set timeline markers to launch HTML pages at relevant points during Web video playback. In addition, Adobe Premiere 6.0 includes a Save For Web feature that allows users to output multiple files optimized for streaming or progressive download in popular Web formats.

Other new tools found in Adobe Premiere 6.0 include the professional-level audio mixer and Automate to Timeline, which can simultaneously send a sequence of clips from the Storyboard or Project Window to the Timeline. Adobe Premiere 6.0 also includes numerous interface refinements and customization features that put its editing tools within easy reach during all stages of production.

New Features in Adobe Premiere 6.0 Include:

  • Customizable workspaces
  • Built-in DV device control
  • Settings viewer
  • Storyboard window
  • Automate to timeline
  • Sophisticated audio mixer
  • History, video and audio filters and effects control palettes
  • Over 25 After Effects filters
  • Multiple Web export options

Pricing and Availability In the United States and Canada, software for Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT and Macintosh OS 9.0.4 is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2001. The estimated street price is $549 (U.S.) for all platforms. Registered users of earlier versions of Adobe Premiere can upgrade to version 6.0 for only $149 (U.S.). Upgrades from Adobe Premiere LE versions will cost $199 (U.S.).

International English, French, German and Japanese versions of Adobe Premiere 6.0 software are expected to ship within the first 90 days of the initial release.

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