AIS Releases New Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

American Information Systems (AIS) released Invisia, an enterprise resource planning solution for mid-sized businesses.

Invisia is designed to bring sophisticated information techniques to companies at a
fraction of their normal cost.

“Before Invisia, companies could expect to invest millions in similar systems–systems far too
complex for mid-sized businesses,” said Marshall Wieland, marketing manager of AIS. “At the other extreme, simple ‘intranet-in-a-box’ solutions just don’t have the functionality necessary to
manage larger organizations. Invisia bridges the gap with a scalable solution
that streamlines business processes, enhances communication, and reduces
basic operating costs.”

Among Invisia’s features are several application modules, each of which has
one or more toolkits to enable it to be adapted to the organization’s unique
needs. One module provides all the core information that should be at every
employee’s fingertips. Another provides facilities for sales and marketing such
as lead tracking and the distribution of product information. A human
resources module lets HR departments reduce expenses and expand their
reach, while an accounting module helps reduce the high cost of producing
and managing paperwork.

Invisia also has facilities for Web site administration, project management, and
scheduled information delivery. It is database-driven, making it easy to
maintain both the content and user profiles.

Invisia is based on Microsoft technologies, including Windows NT 4.0, SQL
6.5, and IIS 4.0. For pricing information, please see the vendor’s Web site.

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