Alis, Verity To Offer Multilingual Search Retrieval

Alis Technologies reported it teamed up
with Verity to offer powerful multilingual search and retrieval facilities
for intranets
and Web sites.

The new technology will unite Verity’s indexing and search products with
linguistic know-how from Alis Technologies.

“This partnership with Verity directly addresses the need for international
companies to provide access to information across a growing span of
languages,” said Iain Drummond, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Alis Technologies.

“The addition of the Search Information Server nicely rounds out
our Web solution by enabling people to gain full multilingual access to Web
documents. By extending queries across different languages, one can obtain a
much more complete set of qualified search results.”

An important component of Alis Translation Solutions, the new application
will allow users to enter a search query in their own language, search content
in a different language, and obtain the results in their own language. The
software automatically translates the original query string.

Ron Weissman, VP, Worldwide Marketing at Verity, noted: “Searching for
information in collections maintained in different languages is a common
requirement among multinationals. We believe that the combination of Alis
Translation Solutions with our Verity Information Server will offer
additional value to our multinational customers.”

With the fastest growing part of the Web population now residing outside the
United States (according to International Data Corporation), multilingual
facilities are becoming more important.

According to ICD, “We predict that in 1998, products and services that
support translation of web content (e.g., from Alis Technologies,
Transparent Language, Digital’s AltaVista site and others) will become
critical tools for the Web community.”

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