Alliance Extends Reach of Canadian Advertisers

ClickThrough Interactive is teaming up with New York-based 24/7 Media and its network of popular American Web sites.

The deal gives ClickThrough the exclusive right to sell 24/7 Web sites in
Canada, and 24/7 the exclusive right to sell ClickThrough Web sites in the
U.S. The 24/7 network generates 500 million ad impressions on average every

Up to 10 percent of this audience is Canadian, and the alliance is expected to help Canadian advertisers reach more Canadians on major North American Web sites.

“We know that many American Web sites have unique content that attracts
Canadians,” said Jay Aber, President of ClickThrough Interactive. “The
alliance gives us the ability to reach these Canadian Web users. It also
provides Canadian advertisers with a simple way to reach a U.S. and an

24/7 Media’s sites include Rolling Stone, Reader’s Digest, Better Homes & Gardens,, Comedy Central, Doonesbury, AT&T Worldnet, Multi-Player Games Network, Reuters News Network, and

“This alliance makes the ClickThrough network more attractive to Canadian
and International
advertisers,” said David Beutel, Vice President and General Manager of The Weather Network, one
of the Canadian Web sites ClickThrough represents. “This will surely
translate into increased advertising sales on Canadian sites.”

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