AltaVista Plans Major European Expansion

AltaVista this week said it plans to expand its European presence to include an
additional 18 countries by the end of the year and hopes to be offering local
content search sites to an estimated 136 million European Internet users by

Following the successful launch of in April of last year in
a full-fledged European division was established in October.

In the four
months since, country search sites have been launched at an average rate of
one a month — in October 1999, in December 1999, and in February 2000.

The original AltaVista site is already
well known across Europe, with 15 million of its 54 million users a month
coming from European countries. By launching local country sites with quality
local content, AltaVista said it aims to offer the most personalized service
on the Web to both English and non-English language speakers.”

“The 90 percent of Europeans for whom English is not their first language
can find today’s Internet experience frustrating. With this move, AltaVista
is making it fast and simple to find local-language search results wherever
you live in Europe, and whatever your language,” said Vesey Crichton,
marketing and strategy director, AltaVista Europe.

AltaVista is a majority-owned operating company of CMGI Inc. (CMGI).

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