Anatel Extends Cable Internet Regulation Deadline

The Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (Anatel) main council extended the deadline of the public consultation for cable Internet
access until October 4th.

With the new deadline, Anatel expects the cable companies will be more helpful in the preparation of new Internet access regulations for service through the cable networks.

The council members believe that collaboration with the companies is important to clarify the rules which will establish cable access to the Web.

According to Anatel, the postponing satisfies the requests made by SCEMA
(Serviços de Comunicação Eletrônica de Massa por Assinatura), a
telecommunication service providers association, and SVAs, or added value service providers.

The Anatel council decision was signed by the Agency
president, Renato Guerreiro, and sent on September 22nd for official publication.

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