ANZ Bank Secures E-Commerce with Baltimore

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] ANZ Bank will use e-security firm Baltimore Technologies for its technology, hosting facilities and consulting services to secure two e-commerce for its online business customers.

The Bank said today Baltimore’s digital certificate technology will enable the ANZ Bank to provide a more secure and trusted online environment for its business customers and business-to-business (B2B) transactions globally.

Using Baltimore UniCERT Certificate Management System, ANZ expects to be able to issue unique identities in the form of digital certificates to business customers, enabling them to interact with the bank and other trading partners.

“The international banking and finance market for secure online transactions is growing rapidly,” said Baltimore Technologies’ Asia Pacific managing director John Palfreyman. “ANZ has a well-founded reputation as a proactive innovator of technology and a clear vision to lead in the provision of online banking services.”

Palfreyman said the Baltimore e-security systems would be one of Australia’s first large-scale applications of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology in the banking sector.

“Our digital certificate technology initiative will enable our business customers to more easily trust and identify potential trading partners across the world,” said ANZ head of business e-commerce Mike Irvine.

“Potentially, this facilitates companies opening new markets and carrying out numerous B2B commerce activities – not just financial services – with lower transaction costs,” he said.

Through the use of digital certificates, ANZ’s business customers will also be able to conduct transactions with the Federal and State Governments. Baltimore Technologies was the first technology supplier to gain accreditation under the Australian Federal Government’s PKI Strategy, Gatekeeper.

The company’s Australian customers include Telstra, the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Australian Payments Clearing Association and the Health Insurance Commission.

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