Asia Global Crossing Activates IP Backbone Connecting Hong Kong, Japan, U.S.

HONG KONG — NASDAQ-listed Asia Global Crossing has activated a 310Mbps international IP services backbone between Hong Kong and Japan through its pan-Asia East Asia Crossing.

The IP services backbone is the tunnel within East Asia Crossing that, together with Asia Global Crossing’s Pacific Crossing, is said to establish the fastest direct link connecting Hong Kong, Japan and the U.S. to enable a seamless flow of the Global Crossing/Asia Global Crossing IP services product suite.

The IP backbone provides carrier, ISP and corporate customers with the fastest platform for IP transit, international private line circuits, IP virtual private networks, and voice over IP offerings.

“With the expansion of Asia Global Crossing’s IP network to Hong Kong, worldwide IP services users will be able to access Hong Kong through a single, seamless IP backbone,” said John Legere, president and chief executive officer of Asia Global Crossing.

“We offer the largest IP backbone between Hong Kong, Japan and the U.S. so that enterprise can build very efficient Internet environments at low costs, while minimizing network failure and delays.”

Company officials said that as East Asia Crossing is completed and Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and (as regulations permit) China are connected, the integrated telecom and IP services company plans to expand its high-performance IP backbone network.

The IP backbone can be upgraded as demand requires; the IP services backbone across Asia Global Crossing’s Pacific Crossing has been upgraded to 2.5Gbps, which the company claims is the fastest trans-Pacific services backbone in service today.

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