Rorke Incorporates Seagate’s Barracuda in Storage Systems

Rorke Data Inc., a subsidiary of Bell Microproducts Inc., announced it has upgraded its RDD A/V Professional Series of desktop disk-based storage peripherals to incorporate Seagate’s new 180GB Barracuda disk drives. A Rorke spokesperson said the RDD A/V Pro Series now offers the highest capacity, lowest cost storage currently available for data-intensive digital audio/video applications.

Incorporating Seagate’s new 180GB Barracuda drives, Rorke’s single-, dual-, and four-device storage systems are now capable of attaining capacities of 720GB on the user’s desktop, and up to 1.5TB with the rackmount eight-device version. According to Joe Rorke, vice president of Marketing for Rorke Data, the new high-capacity disk arrays do not sacrifice performance and are ideal for professional digital A/V applications such as non-linear editing, streaming, animation and graphics.

“The RDD series has been a renowned, and industry-approved, storage system for at least the past ten years,” said Bob Herzan, vice president of Worldwide Sales, A/V Division, for Rorke Data. “Given the voracious storage appetite of digital post and streaming applications, we developed the RDD A/V Pro Series in response to our resellers’ request for low-cost, high-performance data storage. The Barracuda 180 drives have made this development possible, resulting in a highly unique, one-of-a-kind product.”

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