AT&T Withdraws $307 Million @Home Bid

Executives at AT&T Broadband , citing “significant” breaches
to its service contract, announced Tuesday the withdrawal of its $307
million bid for failing [email protected]

Ma Bell also announced 500,000 of its customers are now back online, with
the rest coming back onboard by the end of the week.

@Home shut down 800,000 AT&T customers Saturday morning in an effort to
drive up the asking price for its broadband company, a move that, in the
end, only got the attention of the nation’s affected users.

The bid withdrawal comes a day after Cox Communications
and Comcast Corp. agreed
to pay
a total $320 million to keep their part of the network up and
running until they had a chance to migrate customers onto their own service.

The irony isn’t lost on anyone, with Cox and Comcast paying $13 million
more than AT&T Broadband’s bid just to keep their service running for
another three months. But with subscribers leaving @Home’s service in
droves and AT&T Broadband officials saying its own customers would be back
online by the end of the week, @Home’s attractiveness has waned considerably.

AT&T Broadband cited “significant” breaches to its service contract, an
arguably shaky reason for withdrawing its bid. The bankruptcy court on
Friday allowed
@Home to shut down
any part or all of the network in order to drive up
the asking price for the broadband ISP.

Creditors and bondholders think @Home’s value includes a billion-dollar
price tag, not $307 million. Certainly, both Cox and Comcast’s contract
extension bear out creditor claims.

Of AT&T Broadband’s affected customers, techs are expected to reconnect
640,000 by Tuesday evening, part of its ongoing
to migrate its customers over to the new service. So far,
they’ve been able to get 500,000 of its users back online, although they
now have a different email address and must begin anew on their home pages.

Customers affected by the cable migration will get two day of access free
for every day they go without Internet access, AT&T Broadband officials
said. In the event of extended downtime, a dial up account will be given
to the affected customer.

@Home officials were unavailable for comment at press time.

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