Avid Streamlines Streaming

Avid Technology, Inc. Thursday introduced Version 1.5 of Avid Xpress DV on IBM IntelliStation – tailored specifically for editing and delivering video content for Web streaming.

The technology provides a streaming video workflow, from content creation to streaming media output to automated FTP upload to web video hosting. It also offers improved interoperability with other content creation tools, enhanced editing features, and a choice of workstation configurations. The package includes Avid Xpress DV 1.5 software pre-loaded and pre-configured on an IBM IntelliStation M Pro workstation, starting under $6,400.

The streaming video workflow covers the spectrum of creating and delivering streaming media. Avid Xpress DV editing software offers a toolset based on the tenth-generation Avid tools used to edit broadcast television shows. To create streaming versions of the completed video, a pull-down command exports to Terran Interactive’s Media Cleaner EZ, included in the new release, and Media Cleaner Pro, sold separately. These programs allow export to various streaming media formats including QuickTime, RealNetworks, and Microsoft Windows Media technology. To upload the video to web servers, the release adds an integrated Avid Publishing Wizard, which automates the process of FTP upload to Web video servers. Finally, to host the video, customers in the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) will receive three months of free video hosting from Yahoo!.

“In the few months it’s been available, Avid Xpress DV on IBM IntelliStation has proven to be an overwhelming success. The solution leverages the powerful features of Avid’s advanced editing systems, combined with state-of-the-art Web streaming capabilities plus automated FTP delivery to web servers,” said Alan Hoff, product manager for Avid Xpress DV. “With Version 1.5, exporting to Web is now an even simpler, one-step process, and improved interoperability dramatically enhances collaborative workflow between multiple users.”

For improved interoperability, the new release includes QuickTime export to applications such as Adobe After Effects through QuickTime Reference Movie and supports Avid Unity MediaNet. New editing capabilities in Version 1.5 include support for 16:9 widescreen media to accommodate the wider aspect ratio of DTV and other DV devices.

Avid Xpress DV on IBM IntelliStation is available in two configurations: A basic model that features a 733 MHz(1) Intel Pentium III processor, a 30GB(2) EIDE for video files and a 15GB EIDE for applications and a high-performance model featuring a 933MHz Intel Pentium III processor and the expandability of SCSI drives including a 36GB SCSI for video files and a 9.1GB SCSI for applications.

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