b2bScene.com, Engage Provide Business Advertising

[Waterloo, CANADA]- b2bScene.com, a division of Open Text Corp. has selected Engage, to provide b2bScene.com with advertising content created specifically for its online business communities.

b2bScene.com will combine its business news and content services with the Engage advertising network, offering business users timely business information and targeted business advertising based on their community profile.

b2bScene.com’s business portal contains 100% business content, industry news, events and links to resources segmented across major industries.

Engage’s advertising network will enable business-to-business advertisers
to reach their targeted audience and provide b2bScene.com users with
advertising information. Engage Business Media is a division of Engage dedicated to the needs of b2b online advertisers and Web publishers.

b2bScene.com offers a suite of hosted e-business services for b2b interaction and collaboration between an organization’s partners, customers and employees within public and private online business communities.

Engage based in Andover, Mass., with European headquarters in London, is a majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Inc. Open Text solutions allow organizations, and global trading communities to collaborate on projects, share ideas and accelerate innovation. According to the company, it has become the largest supplier of collaborative, Web-based e-business applications for the enterprise, with over 3.5 million users in 31 countries, speaking 12 languages.

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