Bazillion Acquires Concord Technologies

Seattle-based Bazillion, a broadband communications company, has announced the acquisition of Concord Technologies, Inc.

Concord Technologies, also based in Seattle, provides IP-based messaging services.

The acquisition of Concord will enable Bazillion to integrate enhanced messaging services with its broadband technology.

Bazillion’s initial plans for integrating the technologies include adding Concord’s Internet fax and unified messaging services to its offering of high-speed Internet access and free long distance.

“We see the Concord acquisition as one of our most key strategic partnership moves at this stage of our business evolution,” says Bazillion President and CEO Jamie Howard.

“Messaging is a core component of Bazillion’s technology platform upon which our Internet access, voice and advanced communications services ride on.”

As part of the acquisition, Concord has become a fully-owned subsidiary of Bazillion, Inc.

Bazillion has integrated Concord’s software development team into its existing product development infrastructure.

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