‘Beyond Banner’ Web Advertising to Boom

From australia.internet.com

The emerging generation of Web advertisements collectively known as ‘beyond the banner’ will comprise at least 50% of all Web advertising by 2000, the Internet World Australia Pacific 98 conference was told today.

Speaking on the “What’s Hot” panel at the conference, the managing director of DoubleClick Australia, Scott Knoll, said the new style of Web advertising was starting to appear on leading creative sites.

The ‘beyond the banner’ advertisements included pop-up windows–where the advertisement generated a new browser window on the desktop–through to interstitial advertisements and those using the latest animation packages.

The interstitial advertisements appeared prior to the browser displaying a new site and had shown to be less intrusive than the pop-up windows, Knoll said in response to a question from the audience.

Other forms of Web advertising highlighted by Knoll included animated
sequences that were tightly integrated with the actual Web content.
He said that as bandwidth increased, Web advertising would begin to
resemble conventional television advertising.

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