BiblioTech Hires Legal Team to Tackle Spam


British and American lawyers representing BiblioTech Ltd., operator of Postmaster, Europe’s first free Web based e-mail service, said they are commencing legal proceedings to protect their client from “spoofing.”

London, England-based BiblioTech has reportedly been a victim of spoofing, a process in which millions of unsolicited e-mail messages are mailed with a fake return address.

The two law firms acting for BiblioTech are Paisner & Co. and the Atlanta-based firm Hunton & Williams. The legal team is being assisted by a “reformed” Sanford Wallace–once known as the “King of Spam”–who is providing technical consultancy services.

Eduardo Ustaran for Paisner & Co. said: “This case could be a
breakthrough for many UK companies, since spamming is a problem
that is already affecting corporate communications. Spoofing is a serious
threat to providers of Internet services which can have a detrimental
effect on the business potential of cyberspace.”

“Spoofing can severely damage the reputation of innocent individuals or companies wrongfully identified as having some role in the origination of the offending email. Therefore, we are extremely happy to assist in this matter,” added Pete Wellborn of Hunton & Williams.

Billing itself as “Postmaster to the World,” Postmaster offers free e-mail services to anyone who registers. BiblioTech director Chris Verdin said: “Postmaster endeavors to protect subscribers from unsolicited junk email and it will aggressively pursue spammers and take legal recourse to ensure the privacy of its members.”

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