Blue Angel’s New Tool Harvests Meta-Tags

Blue Angel Technologies released a new
software tool that collects HTML tag and meta-tag information and stores it
in a relational database.

The new tool–the MetaStar Harvester component of the MetaStar suite–can
be used straight out of the box, with easy configuration to define which
sites it should crawl.

“The MetaStar Harvester was developed to provide organizations with a tool
that can make more effective use of information maintained on numerous web
sites. There are an increasing number of Web sites that have information
stored in meta-tags, but until today there have been few tools to make
effective use of this information,” said Jim Restivo, Blue Angel’s president.

Many organizations include additional information within meta-tags–such as
names, keywords, dates and titles–that is not displayed by a browser. This
information is provided for the benefit of Internet search engines, usually
to ensure a higher position in the ranked results that engines return in
response to a query.

MetaStar Harvester not only extracts the meta-tagged information, but
stores it within a structured format.

Blue Angel Technologies specializes in products for managing meta-data. Its
MetaStar Repository is a powerful application for manipulating and
publishing data without the need for programming support. Others include
MetaStar Search, MetaStar Server, and MetaStar Gateway.

MetaStar Harvester is available immediately. For further information visit
the vendor’s Web site.

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