Bluetooth Product “Brings Net to Street”

Ericsson said Thursday that it’s new Bluetooth Local Infotainment Point (BLIP) technology moves “the Internet onto the street.”

The technology provides local wireless access points for Bluetooth-enabled Net devices such as handhelds and Net-ready phones. In a statement, the company described the technology as “a stand-alone local platform.”

The company predicted that BLIP will catch on quickly as more phones and handhelds become Bluetooth-enabled.

“By gearing communications to particular times and situations, we have created a platform for a range of new services,” said Peter Lundin, managing director of venture BLIP at Ericsson Business Innovation. “In only a few years’ time ‘blipping’ while on the move will be as common as home surfing is today.”

Among the applications for BLIP will be as a method of delivering advertisements for nearby businesses. Another application would be on public transportation in urban areas.

Based on Linux, BLIP also will support Wireless Application Protocol. Ericsson said it would develop both the hardware and applications for BLIP and will launch the technology later this year.

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