BOL’s Rocket eBook is Coming to the UK

Bertelsmann Online (BOL) announced this
week that it will shortly be bringing Rocket eBook to the UK.

It has already introduced the new electronic book technology to Germany,
and the UK is seen as another key market. Expansion into other countries is to follow.

“BOL are proud to bring the most innovative products to its customers,”
said Alexander Broich, MD of BOL UK.

“BOL will be pioneering the Rocket eBook scheme in England and recognise
that eBooks will have a huge impact on the professions of people such as
doctors, engineers and architects, as well as the consumer market.”

Reports from the US say that interest in the Rocket eBook
technology is growing, together with the range of content that is
available for it. As a result, the technology’s promoter, NuvoMedia,
has recently been able to raise an additional $17 million in its third
round of financing.

“We would like to use the Frankfurt Book Fair to familiarise German
publishers with the Rocket eBook system and convince them of this additional
distribution channel for book content,” said Martin Eberhard, co-founder
and CEO of NuvoMedia.

“The advantages such a system has for the publishers
are obvious: no print or paper costs, no storage or logistics,
no returns. And digital book content is never out of print.”

Heinz B. Wermelinger, president and CEO of BOL International said
that electronic books will not replace printed books, but they will
often be more convenient. For example, when people travel light on
vacation or when lighting conditions are insufficient, the Rocket eBook
is preferable to conventional, printed texts.

In Germany, 15 publishing companies already support Rocket eBook
with around 300 German titles. The UK will have the immense benefit of
English-language publishing, with hundreds of American titles already

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