Brazilian AIM Approves Ethics Code for Online Publicity

The ethics code for online publicity, launched by Brazilian Association of Interactive Media (AIM), is now available.

“This is the first version, until we receive the final word from Conar, a private institution that regulates publicity in Brazil. Anyway, the knowledge and observation of the code is an invitation to common sense, when it comes to online publicity,” said Guilhermino Figueira Neto, ethics director at AIM.

“The ethics code was created from a list already followed by other media and advertisers; all AIM did was to repeat the same procedures in the virtual environment, with the same common sense criteria,” adds Figueira Neto.

There are specific ethic rules for publicity on the Internet that do not apply to other media, such as the spam problem, where advertising messages arrive at the users’ mail boxes without their approval. The ethics code states that advertising must be done
in such a way that it does not take advantage of user trust or inexperience. The ethics code also addresses the issue of pornography, stating that ads must not contain statements of visual or audio presentations that could offend the decency standards.

“There are intelligent mechanisms that create situations in which people feel motivated to send their e-mail addresses, and this way it’s possible to advertise content and information about brands, services and products in a different way, from the ethic point of view,” said Paulo Sirgio Silva, communications director at AIM.

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