Brazilian Firm Creates Supermarket E-Commerce Solution

The Brazilian company EasyShop
announced this week the
e-commerce solution Pós-Virtual, for retail sales in supermarkets.

solution relies on equipment located at the user’s home, including a bar
code scanner and an online transmission system. The solution is slated to
debut in September.

“The experiences with supermarket products sales via CD-ROM, Internet or fax
are rather complex and take too much time for the typical user. We’re
offering a solution that is simpler and faster to use,” said Luciano Timm
Bergmann, director at Easy Shop. The Easy Shop machine to be installed at
the user’s homes have only two buttons: one of them reads the bar codes, and
the other sends the information.

The monthly cost of Pós-Virtual will vary from US$ 8 to US$ 12, with up to
four deliveries each month, plus an express delivery for urgent orders that
would be delivered within 40 minutes. Extra deliveries will be charged
separately. Customers who buy the product will receive prizes, will be
included in product promotions and will benefit from other brand programs,
the company said.

Pós-Virtual system was developed by Easy Shop in partnership with
Unisys and
Hypercom. Unisys has worked in the system integration business, and
Hypercomm has worked with safe data transmission. According to Timm
Bergmann, they plan to franchise the solution and export it to supermarkets
in other countries.

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