Brazilian Gate Looking for Foreign Partners

Brazilian Internet gate Universo On Line recently launched a marketing campaign in America to attract foreign partners, a move taken shortly before the arrival of various Internet heavyweights from the U.S.

According to UOL director Caio Túlio Costa, the company set up full page ads in The Wall Street Journal in May as part of a campaign goal to “show UOL to the American market.”

Túlio said the gate has already received several proposals, but did no disclose the names of the companies interested in a deal.

This month UOL celebrated its third year with an election among its subscribers to choose a new look for the site. In April, the company disclosed its subscriber base figures for the first time; the current total is 350,000.

Meanwhile, several U.S. companies are unveiling plans to enter the Brazilian Internet market. AOL starts its activities in December, and Yahoo and Lycos are also preparing their arrival in Brazil.

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