BT to Provide TV Internet Access for Sega in Europe

BT says it will
provide subscription-free Internet access across
Europe for users of the Sega Dreamcast games console.

The new
games machine, coming in September, will connect via a TV
set to BT’s network of European partners on a pay-as-you-go

“One of our key objectives is to enable more and more people
to get online and by working with Sega to introduce simple,
low-cost access on games consoles we will take another step
towards achieving this,” said John Swingewood, director of BT Internet and multimedia.

BT will provide the service directly in the UK, with partners
supplying the service elsewhere. There are 150 million
households in Europe, and Sega says it plans to offer
subscription-free Internet access to them all.

Built into the £199 (US$322) Dreamcast console will be a 33.6k
modem and a browser, providing not only Web access but e-mail,
chat and online gaming services. Sega also plans to introduce
online shopping at a later date.

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