CacheFlow, Alteon Networks Combine To Speed Web

CacheFlow and Alteon Networks have combined the
former’s CacheFlow 1000 with the latter’s ACEdirector Internet Traffic
Director to increase the speed of Web page delivery.

For Internet Service Providers (ISPs) it leverages existing bandwidth by a
of four. This, claim the vendors, is twice that of other cache technologies.

“Because the Web is the core of an ISP’s business and strategic to
enterprises around the world, it is in dire need of improvements in speed
and resilience. Combining Alteon Networks’ Web cache redirection technology
with CacheFlow’s Active
Caching technology enables ISPs and corporations to make a quantum leap in
infrastructure performance, administration and economics,” said Kelly
Herrell, VP marketing for CacheFlow.

Web caching maintains temporary stores of popular Web pages close to users.
Traditionally deployed in “proxy mode” that requires users to point their
browsers at the cache, the technique has been adapted in the
CacheFlow/Alteon solution to provide transparent caching with no need for
browser reconfiguration. Alteon Networks’ ACEdirector intercepts Web page
requests that are destined for a remote host–and redirects them to a
CacheFlow 1000 hardware/software unit.

The CacheFlow/Alteon caching solution is immediately available. For further
details please see the vendors’ Web sites.

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