Canada Sets Sites on Wireless

The Information Technology
Association of Canada (ITAC) is forming a
Wireless Council to bring increased focus to the wireless component of the
fast-growing and multi-faceted telecommunications sector.

Mobility Canada, an arm of Bell
Canada, will second a full-time employee to ITAC to assist in the formation
and operation of the new council. The Mobility Canada companies, members of
ITAC since 1995, are strongly committed to becoming a catalyst in this
merging of technologies and industries.

In a related announcement, Mobility Canada and CANARIE Inc. said that they will be
accepting applications for research and development funding for small and
medium sized enterprises.

A fund of up to $6 million is being made available for the development of
wireless voice and data applications, as well as advanced Internet-based
technologies. The program is part of a larger announcement of Mobility
Canada’s commitment of over $60 million to be spent in Canadian wireless
research and development over the next three years.

The Wireless Telecommunications R&D Investment Program is a shared-cost
program targeting research and development opportunities in the wireless
telecommunications sector aimed at Canadian companies. Typical investments
will be between $100,000 to a maximum of $500,000 and will require matching

The selection process will be through a competitive call for proposals
planned for early October 1998.

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