CheckFree Delivers Web Billing and Payment 3.0

Electronic billing and payment company CheckFree Corp. delivered its CheckFree
Billing and Payment version 3.0 solution for financial institutions and other
consumer service providers.

The company said v3.0 gives financial institutions a highly brandable user
that ties into the CheckFree Genesis 2000 EBP engine, which supports the
entire electronic billing and payment cycle, from delivery to viewing to the
ultimate payment of the bill.

As the newest front-end for the CheckFree Genesis 2000 platform, the
CheckFree Web Billing and Payment v 3.0 solution offers enhanced scalability,
increased speed to market for electronic billing and payment as well as
access to a suite of electronic billing and payment services.

“The next generation of the CheckFree Web Billing and Payment solution
extends the benefit of the end-to-end CheckFree Genesis 2000 payment engine
to an increasing number of financial institutions, partners and other
consumer service providers,” said Pete Sinisgalli, CheckFree president and
chief operating officer.

“By deploying this new user interface, our customers
can leverage the most advanced electronic billing and payment services
available and quickly access enhanced features as they become

CheckFree said it designed its new EBP front end to handle Multiple Bank
Accounts and to allow each family to designate two authorized users to access
a single electronic billing and payment service.

End users can track the
status of their online payments from their banking or brokerage Web site.
CheckFree offers “pay everyone,” which enables consumers to make payments
from their computers to anyone to whom they would write a check.

includes all billers, even those who do not present bills electronically,
such as day care centers or lawn maintenance providers.

Customizable front-end capabilities allow banks and brokerages to tie the
product into
their overall look and feel to present a seamless online banking experience.

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