Chello Broadband Shows Strong Growth

Europe’s leading broadband ISP chello broadband has reported strong
growth with 80,000 broadband Internet access subscribers in 5 countries.

Speaking at the European Cable Convention in London earlier
this week, chello’s managing director Iain Osborne said
that the figures prove that broadband is a high-growth

Although it has an office in London, chello has yet to
introduce its service to the UK and has accumulated its
80,000 subscribers in France, Belgium, Austria, Norway and
The Netherlands.

“Since our launch in March 1999, chello has increased its
subscriber base by 122 per cent, from 36,000 to 80,000 and
the growth over the last quarter alone is 52 per cent,” said
Roger Lynch, president and CFO of chello.

The cello broadband service delivers always-on, superfast
Internet access for a flat fee each month. This means that
users can get near CD quality sound, pin sharp pictures,
plus a range of services from cello’s content partners.
There are no telephone bills to worry about, as chello
comes via cable.

Meanwhile this week, the high-speed hopes of Internet
users in the UK took a knock when BT announced that
it would deploy a downgraded version of ADSL, from 2mbps
to 512kbps, while the telphone line charge would rise
substantially above the trial price.

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