China Aims To Boost Exports Via Two New Web Sites

China has launched two new Web sites to boost exports over the Internet:
the Online Technology Export Fair of China
and the China Market export site.

“This is a new opportunity for China’s research institutes to sell technology
they have developed on the international market,” Shi Guangsheng, the head of the
Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation , told a conference on Internet exports.

Besides marketing equipment, high-tech products and technical services over the Internet,
the Web site will provide an introduction service to Chinese research
institutes looking for foreign partners.

(Agence France Presse; September 1, 1998)

Intel To Host Internet Business Seminar In Thailand

Intel said it plans to host an electronic business seminar in Thailand in the
first week of September, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention

Featured speakers will include Intel Asia Pacific General
Manager John E. Davies and Pairash Thajchayapong, director of Thai National Science and
Technology Development Agency. They will speak on “E- business
Infrastructure and Related Legal Issues.” The seminar will feature a
profile of e-business at Thai Airways International.

(Bangkok Post; August 26, 1998)

Australia Launches E-Commerce Training Programme For SMEs

AUSENET, a joint Federal, Territory and State government
initiative in Australia, resulted in the establishment of a $6
million project to get Australian Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs) online.

A non-profit organisation called the Australian Electronic Business Network (AEBN) was
created to oversee a national e-commerce education program for SMEs
through face-to-face training centres. The business improvement
workshops, due to commence later this year, will be aimed at helping
SMEs to do business electronically and are to be delivered through TAFE
colleges, universities, private training providers and
business associations.

(Australian Financial Review; August 31, 1998)

Singapore Business Times To Feature Newsbriefs on Web Site Before Print

The Singapore Business Times plans to have its reporters in Singapore
and regional bureaus file brief reports for its Web site on significant
news events soon after they take place, before appearing in the printed
paper the next day.

The newspaper’s online site will also feature a
24-hour news service–Reuters International Business News–that will
give readers full reports on the latest business news around the world.
The site also provides live data from the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur
stock markets.

(Singapore Business Times; September 1, 1998)

European Union, U.S. To Discuss Differences Over Personal Information Online

The European Union is to introduce legislation later this year in the
form of a directive that prohibits the transfer of personal information
about EU citizens to countries that do not meet up to the guidelines set
out by the Union.

This is posing a problem for the U.S., which is taking
a different approach, by keeping government involvement to a minimum and
allowing a high level of self-regulation. The E.U. and the U.S. are to
hold a series of talks in order to avoid a political fallout that could
have serious ramifications for the Internet economy.

(Internet Magazine, Britain; August 28, 1998)

Dell Launches Online PC Sales Via Web In China

U.S. computer maker Dell Computer’s made-to-order laptops, PCs, and servers will now be available for purchase in nine cities in China via phone or
the Internet, according to John Legere, Asia-Pacific president of Dell
Computer Asia.

“It’s our view that in the next five years China will become the
No. 2 market in the world,” Topfer said, citing a study showing that
personal computer sales would more than triple to 10.6 million units a
year by 2002. Dell’s machines will be assembled from locally sourced
parts and then shipped from the company’s new manufacturing center in
Xiamen, in the southeastern province of Fujian.
(Web Vision, India; August 27, 1998)

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