China’s Sohu Produces IT Site With CNET, SCMP & Computer World

Sohu, rated
by a recent China Network Information
(CNNIC) study as the third most visited Web site in China, has
launched an IT channel and, for content, is partnering with the South China
Morning Post’s PostNet, China Computer
World, and CNET Asia (Tricast).

According to Sohu representatives the portal has created the channel in
response to the Chinese market’s growing demand for IT news coverage.

The latest CNNIC poll indicates that 76 percent of Chinese users polled
utilize the Web to access information regarding science and technology.

“We hope that the IT Channel will both adequately reflect the
trends and evolutions of the domestic and international IT market, as
well as bring practical assistance to our users,” said Product
Development Director Lee Gang Zhang.

“By partnering with, we are delighted to be able to offer the
CNET brand to mainland China users,” said Tricast Publisher Peter
Schoppert. “By localizing the CNET content and reporting IT news from
Asia, we are providing a customized, localized, multi-lingual product to
Chinese-speaking IT enthusiasts in China and beyond.”

“We are delighted to be working with a leading player like Sohu,” said
Christopher Justice, PostNet Manager. “Keeping up-to-date with IT
industry news and events both in China and internationally is important
in such a rapidly changing environment.”

The IT channel features columns dedicated to domestic IT news,
international IT news, special IT bulletins, profiles, product news,
business trends, and conference updates.

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