Cisco Forms Internet Solutions Group

Cisco Systems Inc is
forming a new business unit to help businesses make the most of the
Internet and electronic commerce.

Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group was formed to give businesses
assistance from a variety of application vendors and system integrators
that can share their infrastructure and Internet expertise.

The group is composed of information technology professionals and industry
experts. Cisco will work with customers and third parties to help them
understand and maximize the value the Internet and related applications can
bring to their organization.

“There is no longer any doubt that e-commerce is a viable and necessary way
of conducting business,” said Kathryn Dzubeck, executive vice president of
Communication Network Architects Inc., a group of IT analysts based in
Washington, D.C.

“Every corporation must look for the means of integrating this business
reality into its basic IT infrastructure. Accomplishing this using proven
models, such as the business practices by Cisco, tailored to the specific
business needs of the organization, must be the goal of every corporate

Cisco is also establishing a knowledge transfer program that will bring in
the expertise of a variety of companies, including Ernst & Young and KPMG.
Cisco is sharing methodologies that have proven successful on the Internet.
In return, the companies involved in the knowledge transfer program have
designated Cisco as the group’s strategic networking vendor.

The Internet Business Solutions Group will use customer advisory sessions,
multi-vendor seminars and training sessions on proven Internet solutions to
help member companies make the most of the Internet.

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