Cisco Provides Solutions For Phil Commercial ISP

Communications Inc.
(MosCom Internet), a commercial Internet service
provider in the Philippines, has deployed a Cisco Systems
end-to-end remote access solution.

Already a large user of Cisco networking equipment, the remote access
equipment that Mosaic Communications has implemented will, according to
Cisco reps, position the ISP to provide such services as IP telephony, ADSL
(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode).

“Our corporate customers want to cost-effectively communicate between their
offices in the Philippines and so we needed to provide them with fast,
reliable and secure remote dial access nationwide,” said Willy Gan, chief
executive officer of MosCom Internet.

“Immediately, we were looking for V.90 or 56 kbps support and Virtual
Private Network capabilities in a remote access solution,” Gan added.

“Cisco met all of our criteria and we are pleased to be working jointly
with them to develop our network services,” commented Gan.

“MosCom Internet is among the new breed of Internet service providers who
are preparing for what we call the New World of Communications,” noted
Manuel Rivera, country manager of Cisco Systems Philippines, “This is a
time when data, voice and video traffic will all be carried over a network
based on Internet Protocol.”

The Cisco Solution consists of the Cisco 3600 and 2600 family of access
routers and the Cisco AS5300 remote access concentrator.

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