Comcast: Net Neutrality Debate a ‘Distraction’

Comcast has been front and center of the net neutrality tussle since the very beginning, arguing that government regulation will cause more harm than good in the long run.

As Enterprise Networking Planet reports, Comcast EVP David Cohen again made the case that self regulation was the best course of action at this juncture to ensure long-term viability of the industry and improved service for consumers.

“Net neutrality is, first and foremost, an engineering issue. It’s not a political issue,” he said. “To be more exact, it is a set of engineering issues that stem primarily from network management challenges.”

“Unfortunately, the national debate around net neutrality and an open Internet has been almost exclusively driven by lawyers. For too long now, the debate has paid too little attention to the engineers, without whom the Internet as we know it wouldn’t exist.”

WASHINGTON — After lengthy negotiations in a variety of forums failed to produce a consensus on how the government should move ahead with network neutrality, one of the companies at the center of the debate is asking policy makers to move on, arguing that a new self-regulatory effort and market pressures will be sufficient to protect consumers.

In a speech here at the Brookings Institution think tank, Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) Executive Vice President David Cohen called the net neutrality debate “almost a distraction” from the more important issues of deploying universal, high-speed Internet service throughout the country.

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Comcast Renews Call for Net Neutrality Self Regulation

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