Compaq Dubai Visit Follows New E-Business Strategy

Compaq executive Gianni Messora’s Dubai trip was planned to coincide with the recent launch of Compaq’s new Internet strategy, NonStop e-Business.

Messora, vice president and managing director, business development group, Compaq Computer Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) is currently visiting Dubai to meet with regional Compaq staff, partners and customers.

Compaq’s NonStop e-Business strategy is to “Web-enable” its enterprise customers, from small- and medium-sized businesses to large global accounts. This core initiative is designed to deliver continuous mission-critical computing to customers in a rapidly evolving Internet-based economy. Compaq is focusing on this strategy to increase customers’ ability to fully leverage the Internet.

“It is clear that the Internet will become the dominant means of doing business worldwide. To succeed in the Internet Age, customers must adapt to a new paradigm of speed, global competitiveness and e-commerce where continuous connections to customers, partners, suppliers and employees are absolutely essential and where your competition is just a click away,” said Messora.

Compaq NonStop eBusiness is designed to deliver high-level continuous commerce through service availability and responsiveness to customers. It features solutions, services, products and technology offered to enable enterprise customers of all sizes to compete effectively.

Because of the demand for continuous service, the requirement for NonStop eBusiness solutions has moved from high-end data centres to virtually every sector of the IT environment.

“NonStop eBusiness represents Compaq’s commitment to provide products, services and solutions that support continuous business operations, assure the integrity of data, provide the scalability needed to support uninterrupted growth and ensure advanced management capabilities,” said Dr Walid Moneimne, managing director, Compaq MEMA.

Compaq has worked in close conjunction with many local companies on e-Business solutions. Al Yousuf Universal in Dubai developed and implemented an interactive Web site, the first in the region to offer online e-commerce, with Compaq’s hardware and security solution for this site.

Twelve leading ISPs in Saudi Arabia have built, planned and integrated their solutions using Compaq technology, and several Gulf local government, telecoms and oil & gas accounts use AltaVista firewalls.

“By meeting the needs of our customers, Compaq will become the number one architect of NonStop eBusiness solutions and be on the top of the approved enterprise vendor list of our customers,” said Moneimne.

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