Compaq, Mirror Image Band to Bust Web Delays

Contend delivery service provider Mirror Image Internet Monday
came to terms with Compaq Computer
to build caching solutions into select server hardware.

As a result of the deal, Compaq will offer direct
connectivity to Mirror Image’s global network of Content Access Points on
its TaskSmart server line-up.

By tapping into Mirror Image’s speed boosting services, Compaq intends to
enhance its local caching appliances to deliver faster Web access for its
enterprise and Internet service provider clients.

John Young, Compaq vice president of TaskSmart servers, said direct access
to Mirror Image’s network would enhance its server systems Web performance.

“We believe Mirror Image’s innovative technology will complement our
customers’ Web acceleration needs,” Young said. “By combining the powerful
Web acceleration capabilities of TaskSmart servers with the efficiency of
Mirror Image’s global CAP network, we deliver our customers outstanding Web

Cos Santullo, Mirror Image president and chief executive officer, said the
combination of the two companies would create a cost-effective Web
accelerating experience that’s invisible to the end user.

“The combination of our instaSpeed managed caching services and CAP
architecture with Compaq’s powerful Web acceleration servers provides
enterprise customers with a cost-effective Web acceleration solution with
tremendous scalability, reliability and performance,” Santullo said.

The collaboration between Mirror Image and Compaq complements a
relationship between Mirror Image and Novell Inc. announced in June.

Simon Khalaf, Novell Net Content Services vice
president and general manager, said the enhanced alliance would further
strengthen the relationship between the three companies.

“Mirror Image and Compaq have found a cost-efficient, highly effective way
to quickly deliver unique, value added caching to the millions of Novell
Internet caching users,” Khalaf said.

Forrester Research estimates that the average Web viewer will only wait 8
seconds for a Web page to load, before finding an alternative site.

Mirror Image, Novell, and Compaq are working to physically move Web content
closer to users and distribute it at different points in the Internet
infrastructure provide faster delivery systems to impatient Web surfers

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