Compaq Sells PCs Online in Czech Republic

The Czech subsidiary of Compaq Computer Corp. revamped its design and added new features to its e-shop CompaqPlus, which was opened earlier this year.

Czech customers now can configure notebooks, desktops and even servers according to their specific needs. Compaq this way becomes virtually the most aggressive e-seller in the country.

E-shop CompaqPlus was
originally started in February, offering several models Compaq PCs in five
categories: notebooks, home PCs, desktops, workstations and PC servers.

After choosing particular model, the customer specifies purchase details using the online configurator. Although Compaq’s regional office runs the e-shop, it doesn’t sell directly; customers are always redirected to reseller.

“At the moment, we have 430 business partners registered for selling within CompaqPlus program,” said Martin Kosut, Czech Compaq’s sales director. “We have implemented a two percent discount for all purchases made within CompaqPlus and we are widening our offers constantly.”

Who are e-commerce customers in the Czech Republic? According to Kosut, small and middle businesses prevail once again and virtually no home users can be found in the market.

One interesting trend: rather than ordering online from home, many customers come to the dealer to use the dealer’s Web site and place their order with assistance of salesperson, according to sources.

Rival PC e-sellers in the Czech Republic include Dell as well as the largest local assembler, AutoCont.

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