CompuServe Unveils Software Upgrade

CompuServe Thursday released CompuServe 2000, an updated version of its
online service.

The upgrade features were dictated by customer input, according to Audrey
Weil, general manager.

“We listen carefully to members’ feedback when designing new software
upgrades to fit the way they live their everyday lives,” she said. “Our
members have asked for easier, more powerful e-mail, a multimedia player to
seamlessly play music and videos, and more shopping options, and we have

The software upgrade includes:

  • Opportunities for online multimedia content.
  • An enhanced e-mail service with a sortable mailbox and automatic
    address completion feature, and support for HTML that enables members to
    read and send graphically enhanced mail and documents.

  • A built-in media player with a full range of rich audio and video

  • CompuServe Radio powered by, which offers 17 channels of
    popular music.

  • A redesigned toolbar for faster access
  • Improvements to CompuServe’s Buddy List feature that make it easier to
    customize and organize.

  • A Shopping Assistant that supplies information, such as price
    comparisons, to help members make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Improved Address Book and Calendar features that can be accessed from
    multiple locations.

The product launch is accompanied by a consumer electronics rebate
program that is offered through partner retailers Circuit City, Office Depot
and Sears as well as PC manufacturers HP, IBM, eMachines and Gateway.

Consumers who purchase electronic equipment from the participating
retailers will receive a $400 rebate if they sign a three-year service
agreement for the CompuServe 2000 Premier service. The service is priced at
$21.95 per month for unlimited use.

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