CoolSavings Files New Round of Lawsuits
Monday filed three more lawsuits in a Chicago federal court,
charging companies with violating a patent it was granted for its
interactive marketing method.

The news comes after the company filed suits against three other companies,
beginning with Emaginet Inc. on Oct. 19.

In the latest lawsuits, CoolSavings alleges the other sites offer consumer
and advertiser services that infringe on its patent for distributing
printed and electronic coupons over the Internet.

“These separate lawsuits are part of our effort to vigorously enforce
CoolSavings patent rights against companies who infringe on these rights,”
said Steven M. Golden, CoolSavings’ chairman and chief executive officer.

“We strongly believe that these suits are necessary to protect our position
as an industry leader and protect the value of our research and development

The companies named in the suits could not be reached for comment.

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