Cray President, CEO Resigns

Seattle-based supercomputer giant Cray Inc. announced Tuesday that President and Chief Executive Officer Michael P. Haydock resigned from those positions citing differences with the board of directors as to how to restore the company to long-term industry leadership.

Cray further said that Chairman James E. Rottsolk, the former president and CEO of the company, has resumed those positions. Rottsolk said the company would continue searching for additional senior operating management.

Additionally, Rottsolk said that to restore the company to its standing in the high performance computer industry, the company must complete the development of its SV2 system; ramp up sales of the Cray SX-6 series of supercomputers from NEC into the industrial, weather and other classic vector markets; finish developing the MTA-2 series of multithreaded architecture supercomputers; expand its technology and services relationship with Dell Computer Corp.; continue its entry into professional services; and continue to market and sell the Cray SV1ex system, particularly into the bioinformatics market.

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