C&W HKT Extends Satellite Multimedia Reach to Malaysia

By signing up Malaysia’s Smart Satellite Technology Sdn Bhd, Hong Kong’s largest telco Cable & Wireless HKT has increased the reach of it Multimedia Satellite Services (M2SS) to a tenth Asian country.

M2SS delivers multimedia content to corporate users via local area networks (LAN) or directly to domestic customers’ desktops.

Through the agreement, Smart becomes a M2SS service partner of C&W HKT and is responsible for service installation and maintenance.

Since the launch of the multimedia satellite service in the middle of this year, the Hong Kong telecom has recruited local service partners in these Asian countries: Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and now Malaysia.

C&W HKT plans to roll out M2SS to Europe at the end of 2000.

Within M2SS, the company promises high speed Internet access up to 1,200 kbps, simultaneous data file multicast, and dedicated bandwidth delivering continuous flow of information, including MPEG-2, digital video broadcast and TCP/IP.

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