CyberCom Consulting Introduces Education Section

The Cyber Com Consulting Group has launched Cyber Com Education, a Web site offering online training courses at a considerably lower cost than offline counterparts.

CyberCom initially will register for number of courses on how to use Windows, MS Office, WordPerfect, Internet and Web design and Lotus Notes. Certification level courses for MOUS and MCSE are also available.

A training for Excel at a beginners’ level costs SEK 195 (US $23) for a 4-hour course. An MCSE Networking Essentials course costs SEK 1,595 (US $195).

Courses can be repeated as often as the user wants for up to one year, bringing an additional functionality to the training. The courses cost about one tenth of the price of normal tuition.

Courses are currently offered in English, but will eventually be translated to Swedish. Customer can pay for the online training with Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard or through the Internet bank system in Sweden.

CyberCom intends to ramp up the service to include 100 different courses.

“Besides the low prices forthese Web based training, the company also spares the cost for travel, lodging and being away from work,”

Companies can save on travel, lodging and missed work days on top of the discounted tuition fees, says Michael Sandstrom, vice president for Cyber Com Education Group.

With little competition in the current educational and training market in Sweden, the new service may push the price level further for its offline counterpart as well as spur growth in the sector.

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