Danes Lead Britons in PC Usage and E-Commerce

According to a survey published by MORI this week, Denmark is still leading Britain in both PC usage and the popularity of e-commerce.

Although PC penetration increased from 32 percent to 39 percent in the UK during the past year, in Denmark seven out of ten households can boast a PC.

What is more: in both Sweden and Denmark the number of people who have ever
a product or service online is 10 percent, while in Britain it is just
five per cent.
However, online shopping has risen from two per cent to five per cent in
Britain in
just one year.

The IriS Network Internet Usage Survey also draws attention to the fact that
Internet penetration is now higher at home than at work in countries where
is most widely used. Home users outnumber work users in Denmark, Sweden,
Canada and the Netherlands.

The survey is available on request, while detailed tables of PC buying
can be purchased for $600.

“In most countries, including Great Britain, current PC owners are just as
to say they will buy a new PC — as a replacement or additional — as
said Janette Henderson, MORI UK.

MORI predicts continued growth for the Internet industry (a fairly safe bet,
suspect) and says that around three in ten adults now have access, either
at home
or work, in Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Great Britain and the

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