Datacraft Wins US$1.3 M Contract In China

Regional communications and network systems
integrator, Datacraft Asia, has won a US$1.3 million networking contract
from the Data
Communication Bureau of China’s Ministry of Information Industry.

The company’s China unit, Datacraft China, will design and build a
high-performance distance learning videoconferencing network for students
and academics at 20 tertiary education institutions in Beijing, Tianjin,
Fujian, Liaoning and Guangdong.

“We are pleased to be tasked with building such a major distance learning
network in China,” said Emmy Wu, Datacraft’s North Asia regional director.
“Academic and information exchange through videoconferencing is certainly a
technological breakthrough, as education is no longer constrained by space,
time and distance.”

Datacraft has already installed the VTEL Team Conferencing TC2000 system at
the Data
Communication Bureau’s central office and regional branch offices.

“We selected Datacraft for this project based on its strong technical
expertise and excellent support in setting up large communications
infrastructure for many of the government bodies and corporations in China
and around the region,” said Zuo Feng, deputy director of the Data
Communication Bureau.

“Also, VTEL’s superior video technologies are well established here. We are
therefore confident that the successful implementation of the
videoconferencing network will further the advancement of our educational
and research development.”

Feng said that the Ministry also intends to expand the network to medical
institutions for the purpose of sharing medical research and techniques.

The VTEL TC2000 system delivers high quality
audio/video/data conferencing at data rates up to 512Kbps and is scalable
to the highest T1/E1 connection. The system runs on a 133MHz Pentium-based
PC chassis and also provides local area network connection and Internet

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