DMC Releases Site Development Tool

Scotland-based software company DMC Ltd. Monday released WebDev 3.0, its development tool that manages database-driven Web sites.

Aimed at companies who incorporate existing database applications with the Web for e-commerce
applications, such as showcasing online brochures or creating archives and exhibitions,
WebDev allows users to create dynamic Web pages by pulling
information from a database. The tools works with a variety of databases, such as Oracle, Ingres, Microsoft Access, SQL and Mysql.

WebDev automates access to and displays large collections users can put online even if they are not part of a database, such as still images and multimedia files. It also standardizes the appearance of hundreds of pages using customizable page components.
In addition, WebDev enables users to include works as a part of a standard library to use in future projects. A complete full-feature HTML editor is also included.

WebDev originally was developed on and for Linux, and now works with any Web server
which free PHP3 scripting language installed. WebDev also offers support for the Internet WebDAV standard.
A trial version of WebDev 3.0 will be available until April 8, when the retail version hits store shelves.

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