Delano Releases Flagship E-Mail App

Delano Technology Corp. recently launched its flagship
product, the Delano Email Application Server, saying that it comes within a
“new class” of e-commerce and enterprise communications solutions.

The server is designed to automate, personalize and manage interactions with
individuals throughout the enterprise, while enabling administrators to create
and deploy many different types of e-mail applications.

The Email Application Server contains
business rules, interfaces, and components for providing access to databases
and directories, HTML and text manipulation, text replacement, scripting, mail
composition and document handling in many formats. Among the applications
it can serve are e-mail product support, interactive online education, automated
product registration, lead qualification, service level escalation and online
customer retention.

“Delano has raised the bar and created a solution for companies that are Amazon-wannabees,” said John Foresi, president and CEO of Delano.

“. . .In the past, with enough time and money, you could have built an e-mail application, but
what happens when the recipient replies? This is where the Delano Email
Application Server is different–it will wait for a response, and when it
receives one, it will carry on the predefined processes and manage ongoing

Potential users of the Email Application Server may begin beta testing
immediately. The product will become is scheduled to be available in April with prices
starting at $5,000.

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