Dell Launches Load-Balancing Server

Dell Computer Corp. Tuesday launched PowerApp.BIG-IP, its latest PowerApp appliance server for managing and routing Internet traffic.

PowerApp.BIG-IP is pre-configured with F5 Networks’ BIG-IP Controller software, an award-winning software that can intelligently load balance and manage Internet content and traffic.

Dell’s new appliance server routes incoming traffic to servers that can best respond to the need, balancing the traffic across Web server farms and e-commerce applications and eliminating single points of failure. Dell said that by allocating user requests across multiple servers, PowerApp.BIG-IP eases network traffic overload and reduces the burden on Web servers.

It is a turnkey device in a rack-dense 2U server. It is available in fixed configurations with defined processor, memory disk drives and optional SSL-accelerator card and high-speed gigabit NICs. It can be ordered in both single and redundant pairs. Custom configuration and tuning services are also available through Dell Services. Dell plans to ship the PowerApp.BIG-IP in October, starting at about $7,900 for fixed configurations.

The PowerApp.BIG-IP is targeted at ISPs, ASPs, dot-coms, enterprise and online retailers.

“The PowerApp.BIG-IP is yet another arrow in our quiver of low-cost and simple-to-deploy appliance servers to address the build-out of the Internet infrastructure,” said Michael Lambert, senior vice president of Dell’s Enterprise Systems Group. “Earlier this year, we introduced PowerApp appliance servers to serve Web pages and offer caching capabilities — we now offer a full portfolio of PowerApp appliances to allow our customers to capitalize on the growth of the new Internet economy.”

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