Dell to Include ADSL Modems With PCs

Dell Computer Corp.
has begun taking orders for its Dimension PCs that feature Cisco ADSL
modems, providing high-speed Internet access to customers of U S WEST
!NTERPRISE MegaBit Services.

The Dimension PCs provide Internet connectivity from four to 125 times
faster than traditional 56K modems, using conventional phone lines.

“Today’s announcement makes high-speed Internet access easier for consumers
to get and provides a manageable telecommuting solution for our corporate
customers,” said Michael Dell, Dell’s chairman and chief executive officer.

“Dell is working with U S WEST to help confirm if our
customers are eligible for U S WEST MegaBit Service and custom-configure
their Internet PCs with a Cisco modem that’s ready for U S WEST ADSL

Dimension PCs with the Cisco ADSL modem retail starting at $1,399 and
include a 333MHz Intel Celeron processor.

The Dimension PCs are part of Dell’s ConnectDirect program offering high-
speed Internet access, first launched in May. In addition to U S WEST, Dell
has also paired with Bell Atlantic, SBC, @Home and 3Com to provide
high-speed Internet access to its home and small business customers.

Dell’s program comes on the heels of Compaq’s “Triple Play” high speed Internet
initiative, announced earlier this week at Comdex. Under the ambitious
program, Compaq will bundle DSL modems with some of its Presario PCs.
Compaq will begin taking orders for its DSL-enabled PCs next week.

As part of “Triple Play,” Compaq also announced it signed a slew of
agreements with high speed providers including Road Runner/MediaOne,
BellSouth, @Home, GTE, Sprint and others.

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