Launches European Services

IP telephony provider says
that for the first time it is offering direct access
services from western Europe, enabling users there to cut the
cost of telephoning by up to 90 per cent. will make direct access available to
callers in nine European countries: Germany, Austria,
France, Finland, Sweden, the U.K., Spain, Italy and

The savings are made possible because
routes the calls over the company’s privately-managed
IP network, although they originate and terminate on the
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

To use the service, callers dial a local or toll-free
access number and provide their PIN. They are
charged by the minute, with all billing and payment
information being handled online.

Elie Wurtman, chairman of, said that
western Europe was just the beginning of his company’s
plans for expansion.

“We will be offering our customers in other continents the same
opportunities in the coming months,” said Wurtman. currently has 44 Points of Presence (POPs)
in 27 countries. As well as providing a phone-to-phone service
it also offers a PC-to-phone service from Internet-ready PCs
to any telephone in the world.

Other services include a unified messaging service
and a Web-based e-commerce service which lets the user talk
to a business while viewing its Web site.

To set up services, users log on to the company’s
interactive center and fill out the appropriate account forms.
Once the account is established, users can pre-pay for
telephone and other services by credit card. is a subsidiary of RSL Communications.

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