Derwent’s Global Patent Information Now Available Online

Derwent, part of The Thomson Corporation, introduced
Patent Explorer as an Internet-based service to bring patent information
to the desktops of all who need it.

It is the latest step in nearly half a century’s work in compiling,
translating, and abstracting patent information from more than 40
international patenting authorities.

“In our highly innovative, fiercely competitive global economy, patent
information is
critical competitive intelligence. Such information has been inaccessible
or available only through skilled researchers. Now, patent data will be at
the fingertips of those who need it most through the efficient and
affordable desktop access of Patent Explorer,” said Charles Gold, product
manager for Patent Explorer.

Patent Explorer was introduced in Europe toward the end of last year,
and was named as an Internet Product of the Year in the December
issue of the UK trade journal, Information World Review.

It is now being marketed in North America, where there is a huge demand for
patent information from engineers, attorneys, and patent portfolio

An easy-to-use and fully customizable service, Patent Explorer allows
people to access information by keyword, patent number, class, or
assignee name.

To further customize the search, users can add up to 40 other criteria to
find the precise information they need. It also features fully automated
searching–on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis–to compile periodic,
up-to-the-minute news bulletins.

Derwent holds all U.S. patent information dating back to 1974 and
European patents to 1978. The service is available to both corporations
and individuals.

Derwent’s offices are in London (UK), Alexandria (Virginia, USA), and Tokyo

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